Sofia Gubaidulina: Double CD “Misterioso”

The double CD “Misterioso” by the Italian label Atopos with eleven works of the composer Sofia Gubaidulina is one of the more recent CD releases that have appeared shortly before her 85th birthday on 24 October 2016. It also contains several world premiere recordings, including “Ritorno perpetuo” of 1997 for harpsichord, played here by Chiara Tiboni.

The first CD of the double album exclusively presents compositions for percussion or with the participation of percussion, for example the Gubaidulina classics “Detto I” for organ and percussion and “Misterioso” for seven percussionists. The Italian intepreters of “I percussionisti dell’Istituto Pietro Mascagni di Livorno” have also performed with great feeling for striking sounds and zest for experimentation on the premiere recordings of “Jubilatio” (for four percussionists) and “In the Beginning Was Rhythm” for seven percussionists. The second CD includes the works “Quasi hoquetus” for viola, double bass and piano, “Toccata-Troncata” for piano and “Garden of Joys  and Sadnesses” for flute, viola, harp and speaker.

The artistic director of the recording, Daniele Lombardi, says the following about Gubaidulina: “(...) Gubaidulina has created a series of compositions that today appear emblematic through their synthesis of different cultures. On the one hand, she develops formal thinking of great grammatical and syntactical density and, on the other hand, she experiments with sounds that at times come close to noise. She has created a completely new sound world free of the prejudices of performance rituals (...).”

Sofia Gubaidulina:
Jubilatio / In the Beginning Was Rhythm / Misterioso /Detto I / Quasi hoquetus / FiveEtudes / Ritornoperpetuo / Toccata-Troncata / Garden of Joys andSadnesses, etc.
I percussionisti dell’Istituto Pietro Mascagni di Livorno, Edy Bodecchi (organ), Lucia Bova (harp), Massimi Ceccarelli (piano), Chiara Tiboni (harpsichord), Manuel Zurria (flute) and others
ATOPOS 023-24


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