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Franghiz Ali-Zadeh’s Work “Schwindende Schönheit” in Austria

The Austrian ‘ensemble plus’ performs in a wide variety of ensemble sizes; alongside members of the Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra, it often invites guest musicians. Mirjam Schröder (harp) and Rie Watanabe (percussion) will participate in the upcoming Austrian premiere of Franghiz Ali-Zadeh’s work “Schwindende Schönheit” (Disappearing Beauty) for viola d’amore, baroque cello, percussion and harp. They will be joined by Jessica Kuhn (baroque cello) and Andreas Ticozzi (viola d’amore) at the ORF Landesfunkhaus in Dornbirn on 21 April 2016.

This work recently received its world premiere by the same ensemble on 11 March 2016 during the course of the concert series “sonorizzonte” at Nymphenburg Palace in Munich.

Franghiz Ali-Zadeh comments on her work as follows:
“We are currently living in a time in which entire civilisations, cultures and states are perishing. Baghdad - the actual hero from the ‘Tales of 1001 Nights’ - has been lost forever; manuscripts and exhibits from the Baghdad museums have been destroyed. The city of Aleppo, in which the magnificent poet and Sufi Imameddin Nasimi was buried, was bombed. It was in this city that Yo-Yo Ma once performed my piece ‘Ask Havasi’ as part of the transcontinental project ‘Silk Road’ and enthusiastically related his impressions of this splendid city, which now irretrievably belongs to the past.
Another devastating event is the destruction of the ancient oasis city of Palmyra (in Homs) - a mystical beauty the widely varied illustrations of which were present in our geography and history books for many years. I had always hoped to travel there and see Palmyra one day. This will no longer be possible, for Palmyra has disappeared for ever. I wonder how many more cultural treasures will disappear. When will we reach the end of this series of tragedies? My work ‘Schwindende Schönheit’, written for the Munich ensemble ‘sonorizzonte’, deals with this question.”

“Schwindende Schönheit” is a commissioned work by “sonorizzonte” and sponsored by the Cultural Department of the state capital Munich.

21 April 2016
ORF Landesfunkhaus, 8 PM
Austrian premiere: Franghiz Ali-Zadeh
“Schwindende Schönheit” for viola d’amore,
baroque cello, percussion and harp
ensemble plus:
Mirjam Schröder (harp) / Rie Watanabe (percussion) /
Jessica Kuhn (baroque cello) und Andreas Ticozzi (viola d’amore)


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