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New Work by Nikodijevic at the Festival “Eclat”

The Aleph Guitar Quartet will present the world premiere of the new work “endlos die nacht / senza ritorno” for guitar quartet and electronics by the Serbian composer Marko Nikodijevic on 6 February 2016 at the Theaterhaus in Stuttgart at this year’s festival “Eclat” (4-7 February 2016). The festival was founded in 1980 under the name “Stuttgart Days for New Music” and is today one of the established festivals for New Music.

Marko Nikodijevic comments on his “endlos die nacht / senza ritorno” as follows:
“The piece ‘endlos die nacht / senza ritorno’ uses a few fragments from Chopin's Nocturne No. 20 in C-sharp minor, Opus posthumous. These fragments, repeated in loops, have been processed with typical dub-techno effects. Guitars, instruments of noble night music, brace themselves against their own brief nocturnal sound through tremolo and digital delay loops. Piano resonances increasingly colour the guitar sound until it completely disappears in the expanse of the space. The piece was written in loving memory of Adam Falkiewicz.”

6 February 2016
Theaterhaus, 8 PM
World premiere: Marko Nikodijevic
“endlos die nacht / senza ritorno” for guitar quartet and electronica
Aleph Guitar Quartet


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