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Lera Auerbach’s “Icarus” in Canada and Belgium

Lera Auerbach’s orchestral work “Icarus” goes back to the last two movements of her Symphony No. 1 “Chimera.” The Canadian premiere of “Icarus” has now been set for 27 January 2016 at the Centennial Concert Hall in Winnipeg. During the course of the Winnipeg New Music Festival the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra will perform this premiere under the direction of Alexander Mickelthwate.

One day later, on 28 January 2016, the Belgian premiere will follow in Brussels. There, Stéphane Denève will conduct the Brussels Philharmonic in the venue BOZAR. A further performance of this concert will take place on 30 January 2016 in Antwerp (de Singel, 8 PM).

Lera Auerbach comments her work as follows:
“What makes this myth so touching is Icarus’s impatience of the heart, his wish to reach the unreachable, the intensity of the ecstatic brevity of his flight and inevitability of his fall. If Icarus were to fly safely – there would be no myth. His tragic death is beautiful. It also poses a question – from Deadalus’ point of view – how can one distinguish success from failure? Deadalus’ greatest invention, the wings which allowed a man to fly, was his greatest failure as they caused the death of his son. Deadalus was brilliant, his wings were perfect, but he was also a blind father who did not truly understand his child.”

The world premiere of the 2011 completed orchestral work took place on 18 July 2011 during the course of the Verbier Festival, performed by the Festival Orchestra Verbier under the direction of Neeme Järvi. Since that time Auerbach’s “Icarus” received numerous performances, recently on 21 November 2015 at the Performing Arts Center in Chicago presented by the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of David Danzmayr.

27 January 2016
Centennial Concert Hall, 7:30 PM
Canadian premiere: Lera Auerbach
“Icarus” for orchestra
Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
Alexander Mickelthwate (direction)

28 January 2016
BOZAR, Henry Le Boeuf Hall, 8 PM
Belgian premiere: Lera Auerbach
“Icarus” for orchestra
Brussels Philharmonic
Stéphane Denève (direction)


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