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Lukasz Kuropaczewski Brings Meyer’s “Triptych” to Poland again

The Polish guitarist Łukasz Kuropaczewski gave a guest performance on 27 November 2015 at the Antwerp Guitar Festival with Krzysztof Meyer’s solo guitar piece “Triptych”. This is the Belgian premiere of the work. Now the soloist tours with the work in Poland on 3 December in Szczecin and on 18 December 2015 in Białystok. The Polish premiere took place on 8 November 2015 in Kattowitz, also performed by Kuropaczewski.

Kuropaczewski plans further performances of this guitar piece for the year 2016; so far, concerts have been confirmed on 12 February 2016 in Zagreb (Croatian premiere) and on 26 March 2016 in Winnipeg (Canadian premiere).

Krzysztof Meyer comments on “Triptych” as follows:
“I already wrote the Concerto for Guitar, Tympani and Strings for the outstanding Polish guitarist Łukasz Kuropaczewski. The ‘Triptych’ for guitar solo is my second work for this interpreter. The individual titles of the ‘Triptych’ movements - Fantasia, Aria and Impromptu furioso – refer to the characters of the individual movements.
I completed ‘Triptych’ for guitar solo in December 2014. The piece is permeated by double contrasts: in terms of harmony, the guitar’s own mood and sound world are contrasted with my harmonic thinking. In terms of technique, on the other hand, performance gestures of the Flamenco tradition are contrasted with those of the practice of classical guitar playing. The dialogue between different harmonic and historical levels can thus be discovered through a complex, clearly demarcated discourse. The performance duration of the work is about 15 minutes.”


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