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Benjamin Yusupov: “Tango Rock Concerto” in Argentina and Israel

The violist Germán Clavijo and the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional Argentina will be the performers of the Argentinean premiere of the Concerto for Viola and Orchestra by Benjamin Yusupov, extended with the Tango performance of the soloist  “Go Tango”, under the title “Tango Rock Concerto” on 6 November 2015 in Buenos Aires. The conductor at the Centro Cultural Kirchner will be Mariano Chiacchiarini.

Two days later, on 8 November 2015, the “Tango Rock Concerto” (with the Postlude for orchestra) will be given its Israeli premiere at the Auditorium in Haifa. The performers here are  Anna Serova (viola) and the Haifa Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Benjamin Yusupov. Further performances in Israel take place on 9.11. (Haifa), 10.11. (Petach-Tikva) and 11.11.2015 in Ashkelon.

The composer on his Viola Concerto:
“We are living today in a world in which the most varied cultures are disseminated through different kinds of media and means of communication. Thus, one can either persist in an individually preferred musical culture or one can try to reconcile all kinds of music with which one is surrounded. My greatest interest is in such a synthesis. I believe that composition in the 21st century should ‘omnisciently’ blend and integrate the entire spectrum of the music into a common language, Together with the almost unlimited sonic possibilities of the symphony orchestra, this was an essential motivation for me to write a concerto in the 21st century.”

6 November 2015
Buenos Aires
Centro Cultural Kirchner, 9 PM
Argentinean premiere: Benjamin Yusupov
Concerto for Viola and Orchestra
“Go Tango” for viola and orchestra
Germán Clavijo (viola)
Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional Argentina
Mariano Chiacchiarini (direction)

8 November 2015
Israeli premiere: Benjamin Yusupov
Concerto for Viola and Orchestra
“Go Tango” for orchestra
Postlude for orchestra
Anna Serova (viola)
Haifa Symphony Orchestra
Benjamin Yusupov (direction)


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