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Composer in Residence: Giya Kancheli at the Chamber Music Festival in Risr

The Georgian composer Giya Kancheli will be composer in residence at this years Chamber Music Festival in Risr, Norway (28.06.-03.07.2016). Sofia Gubaidulina was a guest »…

Johannes X. Schachtner: Three New Works and a Portrait CD

There will be two important highlights for the Munich composer Johannes X. Schachtner right at the beginning of July 2016. At Schloss Kempfenhausen during the course of the »…

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Ruzicka Portrait at the Concert Series Musik am 13. in Stuttgart

There will be a portrait concert on 13 July 2016 during the course of the concert series Musik am 13. (Music on the 13th) at the Stadtkirche Bad Cannstatt in Stuttgart for the »…

Sofia Gubaidulina Is Capell-Compositrice of the Staatskapelle Dresden Again

Sofia Gubaidulina, who will be celebrating her 85th birthday on 24 October 2016, is again serving as Capell-Compositrice of the Saxon Staatskapelle Dresden for the 2016/17 season »…

International Weinberg Conference in Moscow 2017

Interest in the composer Mieczyslaw Weinberg is now apparently on the upswing in Russia as well, especially in view of his centenary which the musical world will be celebrating in 2019. On the »…

Auerbachs Piano Works Images of Childhood and Ludwigs Nightmare Combined with Beethoven Sonatas

The pianist Georg Michael Grau, born in 1989 in Lauingen an der Donau, proudly presents his debut CD on the TyxArt label with the Beethoven Sonatas, Op. 7 and Op. 110 together with two piano works »…

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