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Jan Müller-Wieland: “Buenos Aires”

“BUENOS AIRES is good air, utopia, wishful thinking, a loving reality as far as life and its possible meaning are concerned. I have woven into each other, turned around and adjusted early God texts by Rilke from his period in Berlin Schmargendorf.
But: instead of God, the word ‘tango’. Instead of God, the remote city. Instead of genitive, imperative. Instead of a picture in a picture, a picture - a gesture, a ‘monologino’, a scene.
Berio’s Folk Songs formed an inner invocation, a wakening call for the approximately 10-minute piece. It may be played lightly. It should be easily playable. Play and immediately (!) feel and interpret. The tempo is always there in order to be immediately abandoned, to let go, to feel togetherness. No fear of counting and counting errors, or of the aesthetic patriarchy. No. Everything frank and free. A good mood. In love. In good air. Against worry.”

(Jan Müller-Wieland)


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